What Ails Women’s Health?

Modern times have changed our lifestyles. Every facet of our life has been impacted by the developments in science and technology, not to forget the fact that internet has perhaps made the highest impact on people’s lives.

Today we do not have to walk miles to go shopping or to reach offices. Gadgets have made our life easier as we do not need to engage in much of physical labor in order to do the domestic chores. For each and every type of job, there is specialized equipment available. Health management too has caught up with the advancement and today hospital and medical care industry is flourishing offering the best of health care.

Women will definitely agree that their quality of life has improved when compared to that of the their previous generations. Women still have to go through the duties and roles that they need to play as mothers and wives. They have got to go through the various physical processes such as child birth and menopause etc. Even these are better managed making it effortless for the woman to enjoy the natural processes.

If the quality of life has become much better, would you feel that women world over enjoy better health today?. You may be shocked to learn that this may not be the case. Women may have economic independence and the availability of best medical care, but this does not necessarily make them healthy.

When we refer to women’s health, we need to consider the major contributing factors that affect the health. We also need to specify or define clearly what we mean by women’s health. By women’s health we mean her overall physical, emotional and mental health. Our physical health is a reflection of our mental and emotional health. It is a well known fact that our thoughts and emotions reflect on the health of our body bringing down its immunity as well as inviting disorders such as blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid etc.

Doctors world over have been talking about lifestyle diseases and attribute the rise in hypertension, diabetes and blood pressure etc to our modern day living. In case of women apart from the current lifestyle, the challenges that one faces in balancing the various roles adds to their health woes. Despite an improved standard of living, the challenges of managing relationships as well as bringing up the family have not changed. Besides, women juggle work and career as well as their families. In having to lead such a hectic life, women often forget to pay attention to themselves and their health. Most working women suffer due to lack of exercise, rest, work and life balance as well as lack of nutrition. Women do not pay sufficient attention to what they are eating, when and how they are eating. Come to think of it, you will hardly find women going for walks regularly or exercising. They tend to live a sedentary life in most cases. Coupled with the lifestyle and lack of activity, they tend to be the anchors taking in all the emotional shocks that life has to offer through their families. The growing trend of broken relationships and divorces is adding further woes to their health coupled with financial insecurities.

If women’s health is to be improved, one needs to look at these underlying causes and learn to balance all the above and take a holistic view of life. This calls for a change in attitude and a paradigm shift in thinking. It is possible for all women to change their perspectives from time to time and manage to get their life in order. Once done, their health will be taken care of automatically.