About Tamoxifen Medicine

You see daily a lot of people suffering from different diseases. These diseases could be of any type but there is the solution of every medical problem and diseases in the world. If people face any problem then they go to the doctor but some of the people do not acre of their health. They prefer their knowledge about the medicines to the doctor’s knowledge. They think that they can treat their medical problem without the prescription of the doctor. It is very wrong because in such a way they can spoil their life. It is something about the increasing diseases and their solution but here my topic of discussion is Novaldex.

Generic name of Novaldex is Tamoxifen and it is also called as Tamoxifen in the chemist shop. This medicine is used for the following purposes.

Tamoxifen is prescribed by the doctor to reduce the chances of getting breast cancer and also to avoid the development of breast cancer.

Tamoxifen is used by the patients for the treatment of a specific cancer known as ovarian cancer.

Tamoxifen is also used by the people as adjuvant therapy.

These were some of its uses now we shall discuss about the working of Novaldex in our body.

You will be familiar about hormones and such chemical substances which enter in to the blood and become the cause of different effects in the tissues. Here I shall give you an example of testosterone which is made in the testicles. This hormone is responsible for the man’s deepening voice and long body hair. In hormone therapy, the working of those hormones is stopped by different actions which are responsible for the development of tumor in the cells.

Novaldex is one of the best medicines which are very safe to use and have very little side effects. But we do not skip this topic because it has a great importance in the use of Novaldex. Well, talking about the side effects of using Novaldex you will come to know about some very strange side effects. These side effects of using Novaldex are hot flashes, loss of libido, swelling and vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge and hot flashes are related to the sexuality. Loss of libido is particularly related to only men. The chances of getting these side effects are about 30 percent. These mentioned side effects may be predicted by the onset. It is not necessary that every user of this medicine face the same side effects. But the chances of getting these side effects can be reduced if you will use this medicine after asking your family doctor.

You need to contact your doctor if you face the following problems in using Novaldex:

These symptoms show a severe situation of the patient so the patient should talk to the doctor about these symptoms. It can cause different problems for the patient if he/she will not an immediate help from the medical staff.