Novaldex...changes the world of medicines

You will be familiar about the recent researches in the world. Our scientists are trying to make such things which can help us n the future. Vehicles are the best example of such technology. In the past, you could see a lot of vehicles with an older technology. Those cars had only small functions which you could use while driving in the car. Now such cars are available in the market which can be driven automatically. You can get an idea about the advancement in science and technology from this example. Let us relate this example with the medical field. You can see many medicines which are available in the market and are used for different purposes. In the past, many diseases were not had no treatment but with the help of these medicines you can treat them easily. But still there are such diseases for which scientist are making their effort to find out the solution. This was something about the advancement in science and technology but here in this article I shall discuss you about a well known medicine known as Novaldex.

Well, the generic name of Novaldex is Tamoxifen and this name is used in most of the chemist shops. Novaldex is a trade name and is used by the professional workers of this field. Novaldex is just like a hormone therapy and it is majorly used for the cancer disease. Novaldex is the best medicine for the ovarian cancer and it is also used to minimize the development of the breast cancer. Breast cancer could be in male or female but the chances of getting breast cancer are high in females. Metastatic cancer could be in any gender. Tamoxifen or Novaldex is considered as a best medicine for metastatic cancer.

Main reason of the development of breast cancer in a person is the presence of estrogen receptors in the cancer cells. Novaldex acts as an anti estrogen. It combines with the estrogen and restricts it to go in to the cancer cells. There are two types of medications which are used as anti estrogen. In these two types of medications toremifene and tamoxifen are present.

Well, if we talk about the use of Novaldex or tamoxifen then first thing that comes in our mind is safety factors that are involved in using Novaldex. Some of the side effects are common and some are uncommon. We shall discuss separately about both of them. First of all we shall discuss about the common side effects in which loss of libido, vaginal discharge, hot flashes, swelling of feet, hands and ankles are present. Vaginal discharge and hot flashes are purely sexual diseases while loss of libido occurs only in men. Loss of libido is a sexual side effect in men. Now we shall discuss about the uncommon side effects of using Tamoxifen or Novaldex. Nausea, mood changes, vaginal bleeding, weight loss and menstrual irregularities are the main uncommon side effects of using this medicine. The severity of these uncommon side effects is more than the common one so you should take an immediate help to the doctor in case of the severity of these side effects.