Breast cancer in women has become the fifth most commonly occurring non-skin cancer

Breast cancer in women has become the fifth most commonly occurring non-skin cancer. Nolvadex from AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals is considered a potential cure of breast cancer by a number of oncologists world wide. The drug not only heals breast cancer in women but also cures gynecomastia in men by the same inhibitory mechanism. It also acts to cause ovulation in women incapable to ovulate. It is a cure to neoplasm of breast and bipolar disease too.

Chemeically, the drug is catabolised to its subsequent derivatives and have strong affinity for binding with estrogen receptors. Depending on the location of the receptors, the drug induces inhibitory or stimulatory effect of ceasing and promoting proliferation respectively. The drug in, now, categorized under SERM which means it is a selective estrogen receptor modulator. For uterine wall tissues it bears stimulatory role but for breast tissues, irrespective of sex, it is inhibitory in action suppressing breast cell proliferation in abnormal fashion.

Being a potential cure of breast cancer for ER+ breast cancers, the drug cures the abnomal breast development in males that results due to intake of aromatic anabolic steroids in course of their muscular development.

For women unable to ovulate due to restricted growth of uterine wall and resulting abnormal levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones, Nolvadex would cause proliferation and development of uterine wall for conception and hormonal balance adequate for ovulation. Thus, Nolvadex is an effective cure against infertility of anovulating women.

Apart from treating cancer and infertility, Nolvadex is known to suppress maniac depression or bipolar disorder by blocking the action of protein kinase-C, the level of which is raised in bipolar disease.

Dosage of 20mg tablets is recommended for breast cancer patients while 10-40mg tablets of Nolvadex are advised for infertility. The drug is to be administered on days 3-7 of the menstrual cycle in case of treating infertility.

Possible side effects of the drug include cardiovascular disorders and endometrial cancer since it enhances uterine growth. Precaution is advised while the drug administration. Since some antidepressants interfere with drug metabolism, co-administration of Nolvadex with anti-depressants is prohibited.

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