Microbiomes And Cancer Warning In Women

There are various microbiomes which exist in our body. Certain such microbiomes in women can show if there are any chances of cancer lurking around. This was found in a recent new study. The researchers studied the microbiomes found in the reproductive tract of the women. In women who had uterine cancer, they found a certain type of microbiome which was not present in women without cancer. One of the most common types of gynecological cancer is endometrial cancer. This has been established as per the National Cancer Institute. The exact causes of this cancer are still unknown and the researchers are trying to figure out the details.

Most people believe that the presence of bacteria in our body is always harmful, however, it is not always true. Our body at any given point in time contains billions of beneficial bacteria who help with the proper function of our body. They help us in creating a strong immune system which keeps us healthy. Some of the bacterias are actually beneficial to the human immune system. These bacterias help us with our digestive system and balance the hormones which in turn help our brain to function properly. The internal complex ecosystem of bacteria in the human body is called a community of microbes.

As per the previous studies, it was found that the microbiome is a community are the microorganisms that live in and out of our body. These microbiomes have been linked to certain types of cancer. One such example is Helicobacter pylori which cause stomach cancer. In another recent study, the researchers went through the data of 31 white woman who were going to have a hysterectomy. In this surgery, the uterus is removed due to certain reasons. It was also found that 17 of these women already had endometrial cancer and the other four were diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia. This is the forerunner to endometrial cancer, hence the surgery had to be done. The other remaining women did not have cancer and were being operated due to other reasons.

The doctors took various samples of swabs of the women`s cervixes and vaginas. Once the surgery was completed which involved removal of uteruses, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. The doctors also took samples and swabs of the same as well. These swabs were later studied by the scientists to find some insight into it. It was found that the women with endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial cancer had high levels of 2 types of bacteria known as Porphyromonas species and Atopobium vaginae. They were found in the uterus of these women and their number was way higher compared to women who did not have cancer. These microbes were also found in high numbers in the vaginal tracts of the women who had either endometrial cancer or endometrial hyperplasia. The numbers were less in the women who did not have cancer. It was also found that women with high vaginal pH.

There study size was small and it needs a more in-depth study to find the exact reasons and possible treatment for the same.