Breast Feeding Benefits Mother’s Health Too

God made women special. He gave them the special gift of motherhood. In fact, motherhood is special to all female forms whether human or any other species. They are endowed with the unique ability to conceive and nurture a new being. Earth and nature are referred to as Mother Nature and Universal Mother. Cow is revered as divine mother in the Hindu religion in India. Cow’s milk sustains mankind right from birth to the old age. We are heavily dependent upon milk and its products all through our lives, which is why the cow is considered as the nurturer and worshipped in the form of female goddess.

Motherhood is very special for every woman when she gets to bond with the child. She carries and nurtures the fetus for nine months in her womb and forgets the pain of delivery when holding her newborn baby in her arms. Breast feeding is one of the most critical aspects of motherhood and post natal care. Mother’s milk is the most nutritious food for the newborn for it contains not only the nutrition but also all of the antibodies and hormones that will keep the infant safe and immune from any infections.

Breast feeding is also very good for the mothers for it helps them keep fit and healthy. Research shows that breast feeding and lactating mothers have very low risk of falling prey to cancer as well as type 2 diabetes. Women are encouraged to breast feed the babies as long as possible and even up to ten to twelve months if need be.

There are a few women who do not think that breast feeding is fashionable and in a bid to be modern, may tend to stop breast feeding. Then there are many women out there who may be unaware of the benefits of breast feeding. Therefore there is a need to spread awareness about the benefits of breast feeding to the baby as well as to the mother’s health.

One of the major worries that the mothers worry about after the childbirth is to get back into shape. Again research has proved that lactating mothers are able to naturally lose weight and regain their shape by breastfeeding their babies.

Many women wonder if they should be taking a special diet during their lactating periods. Doctor’s always advise the mothers to continue with their healthy diet which was followed during their pregnancy and not to change anything drastically. However one may keep in mind that the lactating mother needs to keep herself well hydrated all the time and consume plenty of vitamins through natural fruit juices, fruits, dairy products and dry fruits etc. It is always better to avoid soft drinks and caffeinated products during this period.

Along with the health and wealth being of the baby, it is important for the mother to look after her health during this period too. Lactating mothers need plenty of exercise and sleep during post natal period. One has to pay attention to the kind of maternity clothes that one is wearing. Bright or pastel, soft and comfortable clothing that is loose fitting is ideal. Besides it is important for the woman to wear the right kind of maternity bra to be able to support her breast and the body posture.

Practical knowledge of breastfeeding and maintaining one’s health during and after pregnancy can be gained through several channels. The doctors and experts at the clinic provide expert guidance and advice besides conducting practical training classes. Women also learn from their friends and family as well as through internet and magazines.