Beauty Is Innate In The Form

Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? Each and every one of us wants to be beautiful. It is our second nature to want to look into the mirror or any reflective surface that reflects our face. Stand in a busy street and watch people. Whenever any man, woman or child happen to pass in front of the window glass of a shop or come across the mirror on the car or bike parked on the street, their eyes will automatically go to the mirror to watch their reflection. This is an unconscious instinct of every human being.

Children when they are very young are not aware of themselves and their physical form. Once their sense begin to develop and explore the external environment, they begin to take cognizance of their body as well as their clothing and begin to relate to others around them as well as notice the color and dressings too. A child when he is six years old is likely to have his own favorite cloth and insist on wearing the particular dress or particular color. This is perhaps the first and earliest attempt at identifying with the beauty of the form.

Many of us think that it is only the women and girls who seek beauty. However this is a misconception. While girls do like to dress up with the most colorful and fashionable dress with color coordinated accessories that highlight their beauty, boys too are not far behind. Boys are worried about their hairstyle, their height as well as the way they walk and look good in front of the girls.

The question that comes to one’s mind then is whether beauty is sought by the individual themselves or whether they wish to look beautiful to the opposite sex. Well, natural biological principle is that every being tries to look and put on the best of the features and forms in order to attract the best suitor from the opposite sex. This is the basic principle rule followed in mating ritual and is a part of the natural order that seeks to promote procreation.

Women and jewellery are synonymous with beauty. Women use beauty aids mainly jewellary and cosmetics in order to enhance their appeal and beauty. Humans have for ages been searching as well as warring and trying to collect all kinds of precious metals and stones which are then used as beauty aids in the form of jewellary both for women as well as for men. History tells us that it is not only women who use ornaments and jewels to enhance their beauty but even men do the same too.

We say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Essentially what this means is that the best suitor is attracted to the person of the opposite sex and when the chemistry does click, both partners begin to perceive one another and appreciate the beauty of each other. The cupid plays the trick and the magic spell makes them beautiful in each other’s eyes.