Nolvadex is a medicinal drug that is also known as Tamoxifen. This medicine has multiple uses that range from treating certain types of cancer in both men and women to treating medical conditions caused by early puberty. Nolvadex is an oral drug, and the prescription and dosage for the same varies with the purpose for which you are taking the drug. For example, if you are taking the drug for breast cancer, you will have to take medicine for a continuous period of five years. Nolvadex has been proven to show positive results in the areas of treatment that it has been used. To maximize the potential of the drug, scientists are researching the possibility of the drug to treat other types of cancer besides breast cancer.

Nolvadex or Tamoxifen was made by Dora Richardson, who was a chemist. She started putting up the drug for use, after which it gained global attention, and it was approved as safe medicine. To prove its usefulness, the World Health Organization named it as one of the best drugs ever invented in medical history.

Nolvadex is an effective medicine given for treating breast cancer. The drug is also prescribed to prevent cancer that has spread to other parts.

Drug usage

Though Nolvadex is considered effective for reducing the risk of breast cancer, there is a possibility of developing endometrial (uterine) cancer while taking the drug.

How taken

Always stick to the prescription and never deviate from what your doctor has recommended. An oral drug, Nolvadex can be taken with food and also in empty stomach. The drug can be taken either with water or any non-alcoholic liquid.

The drug should only be swallowed. Nolvadex should not be crushed, broken or chewed, as it has to be slowly released into the body. The drug should not be stopped on your own even if you feel some relief. You may need to take the drug continuously for very long periods.

Missed dose

It is always advised no to miss any dose of Nolvadex. But if you have forgotten to take a dose, just skip it and continue with your regular dosage. Never compensate for the missed doses.

More information

You should have to discuss with your doctor if you have allergic reactions to any particular food, medicine or any substance before he prescribes Nolvadex.

Moreover, you should also tell the doctor about all your present and past health history. Tell the physician if you have a history of blood clots, have high levels of calcium in blood, high cholesterol and lipid levels, weak immune system, low white blood cell count, low platelets counts, cataracts and vision problems. If you have any of the above-mentioned problems, the doctor may not give you Nolvadex or he may change the dosage.

Nolvadex drug is known to cause harm to the unborn babe. So it is better that pregnant women avoid the drug. Moreover, it is better not to get pregnant while you are on Nolvadex medication. Though it is not known if the drug causes harm to the newborn, breast-feeding moms should only take the drug only after consulting the doctor about all aspects related to the drug.


Nolvadex is also known to interact with certain medicines. So you should have to tell your doctor about all the medicines, prescriptive or non-prescriptive medicines, that you are taking.

Nolvadex is not prescribed if you are taking Anticoagulants, Cytotoxic cancer medicines, Rifampin, Fluorouracil, mitomycin C and Aromatase inhibitors.

After taking the medicine, never drive or perform any hard task, as the drug is known to cause dizziness. The effects can worsen if you consume alcohol.

You should also avoid bruising, as Nolvadex is known to reduce platelets in the blood. As Nolvadex is known to lower the immunity of your body, you should not come in contact with persons who have infections.

Well, while you are on Nolvadex medication, you should have to keep your appointments and lab tests, as the doctor needs to check your blood, breast and other functions.

Side effects

Like all medicines, Nolvadex also comes with many side effects. Some of the common side effects include bone pain, coughing, muscle pain, hot flashes, vaginal discharge and weight loss.

Some of the allergic reactions include hives, swelling and difficult breathing. Some persons may also come across serious side effects including abnormal periods, vaginal bleeding, chest pain, dark urine and decreased sexual desire.

What is Nolvadex used for?

Preventing and treating breast cancer

Cells have a group of proteins that are known as estrogen receptors. These receptors function in the presence of the hormone estrogen. People who are diagnosed with breast cancer are found to have more estrogen receptors than are required by the body. When estrogen receptors are many, the condition is referred to as ER-Positive. When the hormone estrogen binds itself to these receptors, it causes the proliferation of the cells that are in the mammary glands. This action then leads to multiple cell divisions, which in turn leads to development of tumors. There is also the theory that metabolic activity of estrogen leads to production of genotoxic waste also leading to growth of tumors.

Nolvadex works by preventing the increase of estrogen receptors in the body. This, in turn, leads to the prevention of growth if tumors in mammary gland cells. This mechanism leads to prevention of breast cancer in women who are in menopause or those who have not reached menopause. The FDA has approved this medicine to be used by women who are more prone to get breast cancer. Nolvadex is also used as a hormonal drug that is also used to treat breast cancer in men. It is advised that one take Nolvadex for a period of not more than ten years.

Treating infertility

Women who do not experience ovulation or those who have menstrual cycles that are irregular are also prescribed to take Nolvadex. It helps to induce the process of ovulation and in the process, increase the fertility in women. When Nolvadex is used to treat infertility, a woman with anovulatory disorder is advised to take the drug at specific days at the onset of their monthly cycle. To induce ovulation, Nolvadex stimulates the follicles of the ovaries and thus causing the onset of ovulation.

This medicine can also be used to treat infertility in men. It works by enabling the functioning of the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis. By doing this, it increases the production of the lutropin hormone, which in turn stimulates the production of testosterone hormone, which is the hormone that is responsible for fertility in men.

Prevention and treatment of gynecomastia

Nolvadex has also been proven to prevent and treat gynecomastia. This is a condition where the male breast tissues increase in size in a condition known as endocrine system disorder. Even though this is a condition where the tissues grow faster than is normal, the condition is not associated with cancer. Gynecomastia mainly goes away within two years since it began. There are, however other rare cases where the condition can persist, which may lead to psychological distress and emotional disorders.

Nolvadex works by preventing gynecomastia from occurring. It can thus be taken by people who are more prone to getting the condition, and this may be due to genetic or hereditary conditions. When the drug is taken to prevent gynecomastia, it is usually taken in small quantities. When males also notice any symptoms that signify the onset of gynecomastia, they are also advised to take Nolvadex. Some of these symptoms may include sore and sensitive nipples. The effectiveness of Nolvadex depends on the time that the male begins to take the drug. It is advised that they take it within two years since the condition began. The medicine also helps to treat painful cases of gynecomastia that may occur later in adulthood. In as much as Nolvadex is effective in treating and preventing gynecomastia, it has not yet been approved by the FDA.

Treatment of early puberty

Nolvadex is also used to treat early puberty in both young boys and girls. Early puberty in children can be very serious and cause severe symptoms. If early puberty is not treated, it may cause the occurrence of other conditions such as hypertension, large female genital organs, and virilization. Early puberty can be caused by McCune-Albright syndrome. This is a type of disorder where the skin, bones and endocrine organs are affected. Early puberty is more likely to occur in girls than in boys. This is because females have more estrogen hormone and this condition is dependent on the secretion and production of this hormone.

Nolvadex works by reducing the rate at which the children prone to this disease grow. In young females who are suffering from precocious puberty, it works by reducing the bone maturation rate. When Nolvadex works in preventing and treating early puberty in girls and boys, it also helps to foster normal growth height.


Nolvadex is a medicine that is proven both effective and safe for human health. Its wide range of uses shows that the invention of the medicine by Dora Richardson was a breakthrough in the medical field. Nolvadex works on the estrogen hormone in the body, and this, in turn, makes it a drug that can be used to treat breast cancer, infertility, early puberty, and gynecomastia.

Use Nolvadex To Cure Breast Cancer And Enjoy Healthy Life

The schedule of most of the people has become so much busy that they do not have enough time for their family, friends and even for own selves. These people just spend hours and hours to earn money without considering their health. They do not know if they have any kind of medical problem or not. Even they do not take leave from job, when they are having high fever. The thing to understand is that money is not everything. Your social life matters a lot. If you just have money and do not know where to spend it then it is nothing. So such people should change their schedule and include new things in it. For example, they can include healthy activities like morning walk and exercise at gym etc. Besides this, a regular interaction with a good doctor is also necessary. Many people try to remain healthy by doing healthy activities but they do not contact with any doctor to know their health condition. Chances of getting severe medical problems are still high in such people because if they do not know about the medical problem they are suffering from then how they can treat them. In the end, the problem will turn in to a severe medical problem which will be difficult to treat. For this purpose, you should go to the hospital or clinic for his checkup so that both you and your doctor can know about your health.

Many medical problems are specifically found in women only. Breast cancer is such a health problem which only makes women its victims. A woman can only avoid breast cancer problem if she knows the major causes of it and can get rid of it if she knows its symptoms. For those who do not know anything about breast cancer, it’s a type of cancer that originates from breast tissues. The main causes of breast cancer are radiation exposure, obesity, more than average height, obesity and exposure to estrogen. Knowing these causes, you will try your level best to avoid breast cancer.

But how does you know, if you are suffering from breast cancer? The symptoms associated with breast cancer are really helpful in letting the woman know if she is having breast cancer. Some symptoms which appear at very initial stages are:

These symptoms can help you in identifying the breast cancer at very early stage. But how will you treat it? The answer of this question is Nolvadex. This drug is specially made for breast cancer treatment in different doses. The doctor will examine your health condition before suggesting you the right dose of Nolvadex. After this, it is yours responsibility to use Nolvadex according to doctors prescription. Do not try to use more than the prescribed dose otherwise you may be a victim of side effect of Nolvadex in future.

The Effective Treatment Of Breast Cancer With Nolvadex

The advancement in science and technology has revolutionized the world. Now you can see the practical use of science in every department. Nothing is complete without the application of science and technology. Now, you can see the impact of science and technology in medical field too. There were many health problems which cannot be diagnosed in a few hours. But with the use of new machines, it has become possible to diagnose any health problem. After diagnosing the health problem, it becomes easy to treat it with the use of medicines available in medical stores. Here we are going to discuss about the use of a new medicine named as Nolvadex. It was designed for the treatment of breast cancer. We all know that breast cancer is one of those medical problems which are spreading very quickly worldwide. It is important to study about this medical problem if we want to reduce the victims of breast cancer. The first thing is the cause of breast cancer. Many of today’s women do not know anything about it. The main causes of this health problem are obesity, radiation exposure, a greater height and estrogen exposure. These all causes can be avoided if a person is wanted to do so. A woman can become the victim of breast cancer due to any other cause that is not mentioned here. In that case, patient needs to treat her breast cancer problem. For this purpose, Nolvadex can be used but you should talk to your family doctor and ask him about its use. He will tell you either its use is suitable for your body or not. Nolvadex gives best result to more than 80% women. Rests of the women either need surgical treatment or any other medicine that has been designed for the same purpose.

Nolvadex is available in different doses i.e. 10-40 mg doses. Each dose has its own effectiveness and it is prescribed to every patient according to his health condition. A heavy dose will only be prescribed to a woman if she can bear it. Similarly, the lower dose is prescribed to those women who are above 50 years or too weak. The lower dose need more time than heavy dose to give desired results to woman. You can easily buy any dose of Nolvadex from medical store. Besides this, you also have option to buy it from online medical store. There are many websites which are selling medicines online. If you do not have enough time to visit medical store then you can place your order online. You will get that medicine within 24 hours at your home. Those who do not know, Nolvadex is for breast cancer use. If a doctor is recommending you this medicine for another purpose, then confirm it from another doctor before starting its use. Some doctors recommend such medicines along with other medicines to give better results to patient. Your doctor may be practicing this thing on you. It is all about the effective use of Nolvadex.

More Information about Breast Cancer

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